Monthly Archives: January 2014

Casting the garment of fear aside

The traditional wisdom lures, with its treasure chest of golden wisdom
I am compelled to study, to adore, to learn and be molded by its ever-present voice
In drawn into its secrets, the urge blossoms to know more, to unveil its mysterious

But lo hides beneath this eager urge, a fear to conform to the proven path
To not take new steps, as many have gone astray on intermittent levels
Reached somewhere, and yet trapped in the labyrinths of a level mastered
So I swim and learn in safe quarters, progressing and yet spinning in circles

A time comes for the shackles to be cast aside
The fear to be entered, in an adventure to find what is on the other side
A vague growing subtle inner voice of guidance
And a feeble image of Mighty Temptress within the heart
As the only companions, the journey is to be undertaken

The release of fear and the seeking of the fullest nature of the highest
Embodying within every pore of ones darkest accesses
Sign posts given and yet the steps unclear
Is the path for a sadkaka to take in search of the beloved

11.01.14 – Recovering Delight

Further clarity on Delights:
  • delight is not just positivism. Delight is ‘real’ and sacred which shows up as light in the mind, joy in the vital and beauty in the physical.
  • our job is not just detecting or finding delights; but it is also a lot about recovering delights what are lost when they come in by our various imperfections. It is often a deep dive into our own being and psyche to uncover the lost delights present. It is also about detecting the delights in other people and objects around us. It is also about invoking delights, a kind of sacred adorer or bhaktha of delights
  • Delight recovered, detected is not just for our enjoyment. If so we become a thief! The delight thus nurtured is to be offered back to the Divine – for delight is Love that sustains the whole of creation.

What is this recovery of Delight?

Contrast recovery of delights with avoidance of what is unwholesome within us

There is often a misunderstanding that if we take the delight path, we ignore the limitations within us. That only leads to avoidance and pretense of progress with the root issues untransformed.

Say in a relationship there is care. This is the delight here. But suddenly there is a misunderstanding and there is anger. This anger steals the delight and hides all the care underground. From  then – what we remember is whats not working in the relationship.

Recovery of the lost delight is important too. For this we need to enter the anger consciously. Normally we avoid it sometimes in the garp of delight route. Enter the anger – see how the energy feels like or looks like. Identify with it in a conscious manner and trace its roots – it can be an event from now or childhood or a general pattern of energy existing. Once you trace the roots ask what do you want to express. Express it in the body then and there. Stay with it and often there in the dungeons of the anger, once the roots are revealed – the veil is lifted and we can sense the delight of care and love again. This is what I referred by recovering delights. If we have enough faith we don’t have to recover it ourselves, but to enter the anger and invoke the divine with full sincerity. That too recovers the delight