Casting the garment of fear aside

The traditional wisdom lures, with its treasure chest of golden wisdom
I am compelled to study, to adore, to learn and be molded by its ever-present voice
In drawn into its secrets, the urge blossoms to know more, to unveil its mysterious

But lo hides beneath this eager urge, a fear to conform to the proven path
To not take new steps, as many have gone astray on intermittent levels
Reached somewhere, and yet trapped in the labyrinths of a level mastered
So I swim and learn in safe quarters, progressing and yet spinning in circles

A time comes for the shackles to be cast aside
The fear to be entered, in an adventure to find what is on the other side
A vague growing subtle inner voice of guidance
And a feeble image of Mighty Temptress within the heart
As the only companions, the journey is to be undertaken

The release of fear and the seeking of the fullest nature of the highest
Embodying within every pore of ones darkest accesses
Sign posts given and yet the steps unclear
Is the path for a sadkaka to take in search of the beloved

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